Wedding & Next Day Athens

16 Νοεμβρίου 2022

This is a story of some friends of mine

Wedding gallery of Irene and Constantinos is a gallery of a couple that are actually family friends, they called out of the blue in a cold day of January and they kindly asked for availability. They already knew me so we skipped all the introductions and so on. They had a new family member so they decided to make a wedding and a baptism at the same day. Constantinos preparation took place at a northern area of Attica at his parent place. Irenes preparation (bride) took place at the house they currently live with the new family member.
The day was very demanding, i had to shoot a full wedding and a baptism as well. I had a wedding plan as always and i tried my best to stick on it. I worked with them at the getting ready part very well we were a very good team. They listened to me the whole time and they posed at the places i wanted to get the best quality light available. The ceremony took place at the church of Koimisi Theotokou about ten km from the center of the Athens (Petroupoli city). Bride was on time despite the pressure. She is a very beautiful woman in and out. There were about 250 guests at the event and everything as went as planned. The reception took place at the venue Veranda Latino. Everyone enjoyed and had nice quality time together with the couple. The reception ended finaly with the first light of the next day. You could feel the energy still on! In this wedding gallery i have not included the baptism section of the ceremony. I hope this wedding gallery will reflect the emotions of that day to the viewer and move him mentally to that day. Irene and Constantinos i want you to know that i had a wonderfull time working with you. I wish you all my best wishes for the future.



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