About me

Born in 1982, I never imagined that my love for photography would evolve into a lifelong passion. What began as a creative escape transformed into a journey capturing the dynamic stories of couples on their special day.

Why weddings? Each event offers a unique space, light, and challenge, allowing for freedom in creativity. The human form and the narratives within a wedding day fascinate me—the chemistry I build with couples shapes the final result.

I'm demanding because a wedding is a one-time mystery, requiring expertise in various photography genres. It's a competitive challenge that I know how to conquer.

In conclusion, capturing a fleeting glance, a smile, a tear, or a kiss in a sunset creates enchanting stories. If these stories are intertwined with life's happiest moments, like weddings or baptisms, they become even more meaningful—etched in memory forever.

Wedding photography is the art of storytelling. When I see your story in images, I envision the smiles you'll have, the moments you'll cherish.

I'm George Mavridis, a father, and the creator of Premiere Photography. I'd love to meet you in person and craft together the dreams you envision.